Current Families

While Overlee Preschool is closed over the next few weeks, we know families are eager to stay connected to their Overlee family. The Teachers, Director, and Board are working to compile and generate online material that families can use to help their birds grow and learn during this difficult time. We will post links and content to this webpage as it becomes available, and will continue to evolve the page as necessary. If you have links, content, or skills you would like to share with the rest of the Overlee community, please contact or

Overlee is a learn through play environment. Even though many families may feel they will miss out on their child “learning” in the next several weeks, the pressure to “teach” them something every day is stressful. It doesn’t have to be like that. All moments are learning moments. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Exploring the world around them without constant “quizzing” will help empower their brain to be curious, investigate, figure things out, produce new ideas. This is the scientific method of thinking which we want to support in early learning.
  2. Set up a loose routine for the weekdays. Preschoolers thrive on routine. You don’t have to be strict about it, but children need to know “what comes next” to help ease anxiety over the big world they don’t have control over. They look to their caregivers to model this.
  3. Preschoolers are capable and can be helpful, figure out little jobs they can do to help out in your daily routines.
  4. Have a family meeting (first with just the adults to get your ideas together) Explain how things are a little different right now but you are staying close to home and have a plan. Keep it simple and non-stressful.
  5. As a family, add your personal spin on it. Just like in the BB class when we were having pajama day to wake up our bears, pop in a surprise day of activities such as Pajama day. Have fun!! This is an opportunity for your family to band together and bond in a way that (hopefully) will come once in a lifetime.
  6. Parents should also seek resources to help de-stress. Take a walk or something refreshing. It’s ok to have your own time to re-energize, do it!
  • Activity ideas from Louisa  [posted 3/14] — several ideas of activities you can do with your children at home
  • Playing Preschool: 191 Days of at Home Learning [posted 3/14] — The Playing Preschool program is a 19 unit curriculum designed to introduce children to a variety of learning concepts in a fun and exciting way. This program is play-based, hands-on, and designed for at-home use.

External Links

  • Conscious Discipline —  learn about the social interaction redirection and support that is used at Overlee. Dr. Becky Bailey has videos on using the breathing techniques, there are videos, images, printouts, etc., to help support the caregivers. This is a valuable resource in dealing with preschoolers.
  • Overlee Sharepoint Site — requires a login and password. Contact if you have forgotten your password.